Nick Higgins is a London based illustrator, working in traditional and digital media, on themes of nature, science, history and myth. He first studied geography at Manchester University before going on to Central Saint Martin’s, leaving with a degree in Illustration.
Early exposure to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and a love of museum collections left him with a passion to catalogue and describe. Interests from musicology, entomology, merchant shipping and porcelain to the British Royal succession have all been recorded in an ongoing collection of paintings, drawings, models, embroideries and books. A fascination with history, and a return to his roots in geography, along with foreign travel, have inspired narrative and historical works. The colonisation of America, the Mexican revolution, and The Epic of Gilgamesh have all been examined in longer story based series.
The personalities behind the stories have generated a large body of portraits in a variety of media, from paint to pixels to thread. Subjects have ranged from explorers to composers, to every King and Queen of Great Britain and every winner of the Tour de France. This concentration on the faces of those involved has led to a significant volume of commissioned portraiture.
An interest in architecture and landscape has resulted in commissions involving urban scenes and the built environment.

A passion for cycling, and a love of its history and traditions has generated another strand of work. Portraits of great racing cyclists, bicycles, classic cycling landscapes, wheels, gears and bearing have all been included in this ongoing study.

Parallel with his studies of the actual things in the world, he makes collections of abstract pattern, sometimes applied to objects. He also works with ceramics, and makes embroideries.

He has made commissioned illustrations for a wide variety of clients in publishing, advertising and design for the web. These  include Pentagram, The New York Times, the New Yorker, The Independent, Habitat, The Royal Shakespeare Company, BBC World Service, Penguin, Heinemann African Writers, Vintage, Scientific American, The Globe Theatre, The Guardian, Blueprint, GQ, Esquire, WPP, and Laurence King.